Colonel (Ret) Vincent Tedesco April 24, 2013 interview for the United States Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Fifty-eight (58) minutes.

Tedesco, Vincent James, Maria Cabrera-Baukus, College Of Communications Pennsylvania State University, and Meghin Moore. Vincent James Tedesco Collection. 1964. Personal Narrative.

Colonel (Ret) Tedesco’s interview includes personal stories about his life, his time in Vietnam, and the Army of the 1960’s and 70’s. Early in the interview (minute 8) he describes the January 4-5, 1968 battle of Checkpoint 39 on route 9. Throughout the interview there are lessons for leaders, inspirational guidance, and a respect for humor at life’s vagarity. He also talks about the men of the National Dusters, Quads & Searchlights Association and the value of camaraderie. The interview is recommended for military historians, young Army leaders, and others interested in hearing the personal story of an Air Defense Artillery trailblazer.