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Khe Gio Bridge 1968(?)
Joe Belardo 1968 C131
Image of a young George Walko
G-65 Quad 50 being moved by helicopter in Vietnam. Photo by Johnny Ray
Temple just west of Khe Gio Bridge 2017 , in honor of all lives lost in that area. Photo by Rick Liebendorfer, 2017
Top of this hill was the battle of 12 March 1970 KIA were Mitchell Stout and Terry Moser, C 1/44 MIA Gary Scull, MACV photo by Rick Liebendorfer
At the top of this hill, the battle of 12 March 1970 took place. KIA were Mitchell Stout and Terry Moser, C 1/44. MIA Gary Scull, MACV, was seen captured by NVA soldiers, never to be accounted for as of 2023. In this 2017 photo Rick Liebendorfer pays respect at this hallowed ground.
NDQSA at The Wall
NDQSA Brothers again at The Wall
Commonly used Dusterman items during Vietnam
Vinh Dai "The Rock Crusher" Seabees plant just below C Battery 1/44 HQ 69-70. Approximately 10 miles west of Dong Ha on Hwy 9
C 1/44 welcome home Aug 1970 to FSB4-11 ("Hill 411") Due west of Quang Ngai
FSB4-11 ("Hill 411") C 1/44 new post fall 1970
Hill 411 , C 1/44 post fall of 1970. Due west of Quang Ngai
Hill 411 west of Quang Ngai C-1/44 post August 1970 photo by Louis H. Bohn
Bobby Bru (also know as "Ringo" to the Special Forces Team) at Mai Loc. He would visit daily with the other refugee workers from the resettlement compound. C 1/44, 1969/70 rotation position.
Mai Loc mud
Mai Loc Mud
Quad 50 at LZ Snoopy 1970
C 1/44 moving into LZ Crunch (near Quang Ngai, south part of I Corp.)1970
Dong Ha 2023
G65 Quad "Good Luck" preparing to fly out from Camp Eagle
Dawn breaking as Duster fires
Sgt. Robert Holmes on WWII Quad 50 with nazi aircraft "kills" recorded on shield.