“We were the most highly decorated army artillery outfit in Vietnam. The only A.D.A. unit with a Congressional Medal of Honor, SGT Mitchell Stout, C-1/44th Dusters and Distinguished Service Cross, Staff Sergeant Jeffery Jarman, Quad-50 Squad Leader, Delta 71st ADA,. We were awarded Presidential and Meritorious Unit citations, Silver Stars, Bronze stars, and over 1,000 Purple Hearts.
“We were in demand, ‘Fire Power for Hire’. Over four million 40 MM rounds, ten million .50 cal. rounds, and a million miles of illumination from the D.M.Z. to the Delta.

Fort Sill Memorial Park


These pages are dedicated to the men who served with Dusters, Quad 50’s, Searchlights, Vulcans and HAWKs in Vietnam.