Additional Board Members

Allan Penwell – Treasurer

Allan Penwell was commissioned through ROTC from Knox College and served with C/5/2 ADA as platoon leader and XO during ’67-’68 supporting the 9th. After returning to the U.S., he finished his MBA on the GI bill and had a 43-year career as a commercial banker. He has served as treasurer since 2009 and facilitates all NDQSA initiatives with financial planning and administrative support.

Robert Cuce – Immediate Past President – was president 2018-2022
Bob Cuce served as a Quad 50 gunner in E/41 during ’70-’71 performing convoy operations and perimeter security mainly in the Central Highlands at a variety of FSBs. He retired after 30 years working for New York’s Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Education Services as a database manager. He has been a member of NDQSA since 1998, progressing from being a director, to both vice president positions and ultimately president from 2018-2022.

Roger Giza – Director

Roger Giza was drafted and served in Vietnam ’70 to ’71 with 4/60 ADA. His duty locations include LZ Whisky Mountain and then later at LZ Weight-Davis where he fought in what is known as the “last Duster battle.” He worked as a union mason for 36 years, 10 years with his tools, three as foreman, and 23 as an estimator with a large commercial masonry co. Roger has been a member of NDQSA since 2010. He serves on the membership and publications committees, helping produce the newsletters.

Phillip Hosey– Director

Phil Hosey is a Noncommissioned Officer Candidate Course graduate and served in Vietnam during 1971 with E/41 Quads. For 26 years he worked in Human Resources management at Chevron Corporation. He recently retired as Branch Director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, where he coordinated the complex actions of matching qualified individuals to employer needs. In the 2023 election cycle, Phil was elected to the board of directors by the association membership.

Garry Severin – Director

Garry Severin was in Vietnam with D/71st Quads from July ‘70 until his ETS in Sep ’71, stationed at a variety of locations, to include Bu Dop, Song Be, and Hobo Woods providing fire base, convoy ops, and fixed site security support. After his Army service, he was a production coordinator and final assembly mechanic for Ford Motor Co. Garry has been a member of NDQSA since 2006 and served for many years as secretary before becoming a director of the association.

Alphonza C. Martin – Director
Al Martin served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968 in front line combat duty with D-71 out of Song Be then with G-55 Quads out of Chu Lai. After his discharge he became a Washington D.C. Metro police officer, 
rising to the rank of Lieutenant. For several years he counseled returning veterans and remains active in the VFW and other community service organizations. Al has been a director of the Association for many years, and a is faithful reunion attendee sharing the camaraderie of service.

Bruce Geiger – Director & past president 2008-2010

Bruce Geiger served in Vietnam ’67-’68 with both A and B batteries 1/44 Artillery attached to 3rd Marine Division and later 108th Artillery Group. He was the OIC of Dusters & Quads with the 26th Marine Regiment during the 1968 siege of Khe Sanh. After discharge he had a 25-year career as a corporate sales and marketing executive and then 11 years as a NY City elementary school teacher. He is a past president of NDQSA and continues to serve as the reunion committee chairman. He preserves our heritage as coordinator with the Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech.

George Walko – Director

George Walko served in Vietnam from Jan ’67 to 68 with B-29th Searchlights doing searchlight repair, then later as a searchlight operator attached to the ROK White Horse Div. Following discharge, he earned a degree in Finance and Investments and for several years worked in banking as VP Commercial Loans. Later he owned his own company providing software and computer services. He is very involved in Florida VVA. George is a webmaster for our website and is actively involved with other committees.

Paul Hanson – Director & past president 2012-2014

Paul Hanson served in Vietnam from Dec 71 to 72 with E-41st and then “F” Co. 50th Infantry in DaNang. He remained in the military , rising through the ranks to Command Sergeant Major after 20 years in a variety of key assignments. He has completed a doctor’s degree in history and is currently teaching American History for Neumann University. Paul is a past president of NDQSA and is chairman of the finance committee and of the election committee.

John Huelsenbeck ,

in memoriam Advisor –

John was the founder of NDQSA and past president 2014-2018

John Huelsenbeck was drafted in 1966 and served in Vietnam with C/1/44th ADA performing daily convoy escort and body recover supporting 3rd Marine Division along the infamous I Corps Route 9. After discharge he had a career with Dana Corps, raised cattle on the family farm, and was a leader in his community . In 1981 John held the first gathering in his home of what was to become NDQSA. Over the years he has attended every reunion and served as treasurer, president, director, and advisor. Tank passed April 16, 2024. Rest in Peace Brother

Robert Lauver Advisor and past president 2010-2012

Bob Lauver deployed with G/65 Quads (attached to the 1/44th ADA) from the United States in 1966 aboard the USNS Gaffey. Bob was the battery clerk and volunteered for the guns after arriving in Vietnam. During his time in RVN he went from PFC to SGT E-5, acting section chief. He was awarded a Silver Star and his second Purple Heart for actions on 31 Jan 68 during the Tet offensive in Hue City. After discharge he earned his BA and 2 years of Graduate study, he founded two home medical businesses. Bob has served NDQSA as president, a board member, and is now active as an advisor. He and his wife led two Gold Star Mothers trips.

Vincent Tedesco  Advisor 

Vinny Tedesco served in Vietnam in ‘67-‘68 with the 1/44 ADA on the Bn staff and as commander C/1/44 out of Camp J.J. Carroll. As a career Army officer, he later commanded the 1/3 ADA Bn with the 101st Abn Div, and the 6th ADA Brigade. After his retirement, the Army honored him by making him the Honorary Colonel of the 44th ADA Regiment. Vinny has been an advisor to the board of directors for years and is chairman of the Saint Barbara and Molly Pitcher Committee.


Major Luke Clark

Luke Clark  Advisor and Parliamentarian

Luke Clark was a career soldier and served two tours in Vietnam, the first as an MACV advisor in Thang Binh District Quang Tin Province ’65-‘66, and the second with the 4/60 ADA as the S3 in 1971. He was also the S3 for 4th Bn 61st ADA AW SP (Vulcan) when it was activated in 1968. After military retirement he worked in commercial/industrial construction. Luke generously donated the marble eagle statue that is the centerpiece of our memorial at Fort Sill. He continues to serve as an advisor for NDQSA.