2002 DQS Reunion - St. Paul, Minnesota
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Minnesota Vietnam Memorial
The Wall has a haunting motto - "We were young. We have died. Remember us."
Soldier's statue

Sam Hopkins in front of soldier's statue
The title reads "Why Have You Forgotten us?"
      (Sam Hopkins)

Reading Names

1,120 names engraved in granite
(Bob Cuce)

Preparing for the Ceremony

Preparing for the ceremony
(Bob Cuce)
Salute for Fallen Brothers

A salute for fallen brothers
(Bob Cuce)

DQS Wreath

DQS wreath at the memorial.
(Bob Cuce)

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Pauls

An architectural masterpiece
(Bob Cuce)
United in Remembrance

Spirits united in remembrance
(Bob Cuce)