HHB 5/2 Arty
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All the photos below were provided by Irvin Livingston (HHB 5/2 '70-'71).

2 FF Insignia

II Field Force Insignia
Duster Compound pool

Irv in Duster Compound pool

Duster Compound tower

Irv in Duster Compound tower

Ice Truck

Ice truck

Commo Section

Duster Compound commo section

Jerry Blevins & Don Wes

Jerry Blevins & Don West

Neil Ringler

Neil Ringler, Long Binh

Sgt. Bennet, Duster Compound

Sgt. Bennet, Duster Compound

Don West, Bob Isomd

L to R Don West, Bob Isom

Mean Lookin' Cobra

Mean lookin' cobra

APCs on the go

APCs on the go

Nui Chau Chan 1

Top of Nui Chau Chan

Mess hall on Top of Nui Chau

Mess hall on top of Nui Chau Chan

John Miller and Irv

John Miller and Irv on top

Nui Chau Chan 2

Nui Chau Chan bunkers

Foggy View from Nui Chau Chan

Foggy view from Nui Chau Chan

Sunset Bunkers Nui Chau Chan

Sunset - bunkers at Nui Chau Chan

Captured Goodies 1 Captured Goodies 2
Captured goodies
Captured Goodies 3