G/65 Arty
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Dong Ha Air Base

Dong Ha Air Base -April or May 1967
(Submitted by Terry Sandman)

Quad 50 on an old French bunker located just north of the Sky Spot radar site. Sky Spot directed B-52 Arc Light Missions and Fighter-Bomber sorties within a 200 mile radius.

Quad 50 at Ca Lu

Quad 50 at Ca Lu
(Taken by Jim Good, A Troop. 4/12th Cavalry, 1/5th Infantry Division [Mech.])
(Submitted by John T. Tillman, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment ['70 -'71])

Quad 50 on the abandoned USMC firebase Van der Grift Task Force 1/77 Armor during the middle of 1970.

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Quad's Kicking Ass

Quad's Kicking Ass - Night Firing

Quad 50 Turret

Quad 50 Turret

Submitted by Thomas Lee Aguilar

Night Firing of Quad 50s

The photos below were taken by Don Wittenberger who served with HH Battery 1/44 Arty from 1969 to 1970.

Quad's Night Firing 1
Quad's Night Firing 2
Quad's Night Firing 3
Quad's Night Firing 4