HHB & D Battery 6/56 Arty - Hawks
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The photos of the Zippo lighter below were submitted by Tim Patton who served with 6th Bn 56 Arty (Long Binh) (66-67).

Zippo 1 Zippo 2
"My constant memory of those times."

The photos below were taken by Joe Belle-Isle, H Battery, 6th Bn 56 Arty (1968)

HDQ Beach

Joe Belle-Isle

Headquarters Sign

Chu Lai - Smoke from 20 planes blown up down the coast

"This last picture was from the Navy. I was close to the fire. I believe it was set off by one rocket at the time they were loading the planes with bombs. We had secondaries for three days. Marine Johnny Koellig said he was shot at 200 times by rockets but I think it was his own ordinance and his ears were just ringing a little bit "