1/44 Arty

The photo below was submitted by Terry Sandman

Dong Ha Air Base

Dong Ha Air Base -April or May 1967

Duster on the Air Base east berm perimeter which overlooked Highway 1. The town of Dong Ha can be seen in the distance.

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The photos below were taken by Don Wolfe who served with C Battery 1/44 Arty (1967-68).

HILL 250

Hill 250 NE Camp Carroll

HILL 250


The photos below were submitted by Thomas Lee Aguilar

Then and Now

Thomas Lee Aguilar - then and now

Born to Wonder

"Born to Wonder"

Fully Loaded

Duster Fully Loaded


Thomas Lee

The photo below was taken by Don Wittenberger who served with HH Battery 1/44 Arty from 1969 to 1970.

Impossible to Dream

"Impossible to Dream"" - 1/44 Arty