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The photo below was taken by Mariano Salazar, who is not listed in the DQS database. The searchlight would have been operated by B Battery 29th Artillery.

Salazar Searchlight

The photo below was submitted by Harold L. Holland who served with C Battery 29th Artillery (1967-68) in Can Tho. "I was the TOP KICK. We did a lot of night patrols and also had lights on the Gunboats with the Navy running the Delta. We were a separate battery attached to 235th Combat Aviation Battalion, a cobra helicopter unit. My CO was a pilot."

Harold Holland

Harold L. Holland, C-29th Arty.

The photos below were submitted by Dean Cherry who served with G Battery 29th Artillery (69-70). The photos below were taken in Da Nang where G-29 Arty shared part of the perimeter with the 3rd Marine HQ.

Hill 327

Battery G H&H from Hill 327
Battery G H&H

Battery G H&H
Guard Tower

Guard Tower
Dean Cherry Dean with searchlights
Dean Cherry