E/41 Arty
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The photos below were contributed by Bob Donnan who served with the 7th Battalion, 15th Field Artillery in 1971. His unit was supported by quads from the E/41 Arty.

Delta's Devils

"Delta«s Devils"
This M-35 utilizes a "deuce and a half" (2 1/2 ton truck) - unlike the other M-35s in the E/41st at the time which utilized 5 ton trucks (below).

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Kon Tiki

"Kon Tiki"

Hired Killlers

"Hired Killlers"

Quad 50

"The Butchers"

The photos below were contributed by Billy Joe Galbraith who served with 4th Bn 60th Arty, E-41st MG, Pleiku from Aug 70 until it withdrew to Charang Valley. Aftwards he served at Tuy Hoa, and finally Cam Rahn Bay about Dec 1971. The photos were taken in early '71.
Quad 50

Guns on "Hired Killers"
Gunner: Mike Stapleton, Kansas

Quad 50

"Alive 'N Kickin'"

Quad 50

Guns on "Alive 'N Kickin'"
Gunner: Billy Joe

"Alive 'N Kickin' " was previously named "The Butchers" and the guns "Widow Maker". (See The Guns in Vietnam.)
The Butchers

"The Butchers"

Widow Maker

"Widow Maker" with Billy Joe and Montegnard kid at Tahn Kahn near Kontum)

Night Firing

Night Firing in Charang Valley - Calley's Quad