ADA Photos

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National Dusters, Quads and Searchlights Association

44th ADA Homecoming

Veterans Day 2005

Veterans Day 2004

Veterans Day 2002

DQS 2002 Reunion

Veterans Day 2001

Operation Gold Star 2000

DQS 2000 Reunion

Korean War

ADA in Korean War

Searchlights and Hawk Missiles

Searchlights Album

D 6/56 Arty - Hawks

Quad 50's

D/71 Arty
Lance Wilson

G/65 Arty

E/41 Arty


Twin 40's Album

1/44 Arty

4/60 Arty

C 4/60 Arty

HHB 5/2 Arty

A 5/2 Arty

C 5/2 Arty

D 5/2 Arty

Other Vietnam Photos

Delta and the Fishhook

Pamphlets and Money

Ted Flood's Home Page
     Photo of a 30" searchlight on top of HongKong Mountain, AnKhe

Vietnam 1969 - Valley of Death II
     Photos by "Raspberry" Reed, G/65 (Quad-50's)

Cu Chi
     Photos of 2003 Vietnam trip by Richard Smith, C-5/2 68-69