Vietnam Web Sites

Humanitarian Missions to Vietnam

Stand Down Vets With A Mission
A treasury of photos of Vietnam, personal accounts, historical articles and original art - including the best collection of war memorabilia on the Web. (This striking piece of bronze art by Bill Kimbal occupies a place of honor in my living room.)

In Remembrance

Canadian Vietnam Casualties
A tribute to all known Canadian KIAs and MIAs listed on the "North Wall"

Everton's On-line Search: Vietnam Memorial Database
Search by name, rank, age, service number, home/state of record, birthdate, casualty date

Faces on the Wall
Dedicated to Marine Lt Allen Courtney, Jr - for photos & stories of anyone killed in VN war

The Moving Wall
Schedules and info about the traveling half-size replicas of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

POW's & MIA's Memorial Interstates
Movement in support of Senate bill 1042 to designate routes to honor POWs and MIA's

Vietnam MIA/KIAs (Marshall University)
Combat Area Casualties File database divided by state or US territory (ZIP codes)

A Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall
Sophisticated search engine, electronic rubbings, casualty summaries, photos, and more

The Vietnam War - A Memorial and a Tribute
Info about the war, women in the war, and the aftermath - poetry, personal accounts, links

The Virtual Wall
Interactive replica of Vietnam Veterans Memorial with life details and personal tributes

History and Personal Accounts

1st Battalion 40th Artillery
Reunion info, honors, links and lots of by Will Pete

3rd Battalion 3rd Marines / Viet Nam
History, database, books, the Wall, medal of honor winners, Vietnam trip, reunions

A tribute to 9th Division, Home of the 2nd/47th, 4/Deuce Mortars, Mechanized, Panthers

4/77th ARA
Armed helicopters serving with 101st Airborne - roster, pictures, war stories, casualty list

15th Field Artillery Regiment
History from WW I to Fighting Fifteenth in Vietnam - with articles and photos

19th Combat Engineer Battalion
A tribute which includes history, lineage and honors, legends, Vietnam association, memorium

29th Field Artillery Regiment
A tribute by MSG Danny L. Fisher (Ret) with links to other 29th FA sites

30 Years Later
Plans officer with MACV/CORDS - good resource on Tet, plus photos of Saigon & Air America

553rd F.A. BN. & 3rd BN. 18th Artillery
Battalion histories and life in the day of a 3-18 Artillerymam, with numerous photos

Armed Falcon
Gary Owns' colorful tribute to the men of the First Cav

ARVN General Nguyen Van Hieu
Articles on a Vietnamese general who served with distinction and inspired his men

Charlie Company
Dedicated to all Black Lions - life with the 2nd/28th Inf., plus articles and photos

Convoy Ambush
Lt. Keltner's heroism in defending a convoy near Xuan Loc on November 21, 1966

Covert Ops
The historical application of covert operations including on-line chapters dealing with Vietnam

Don's Nam
The book - an engrossing personal account available on-line, many good photos and art

Gunner Jim's Airborne Website
Poetry and momentos from a full blooded Seneca from the 101st who earned a Purple Heart

Hanoi, Viet Nam - POW
Photos, site maps of camps and personal accounts by POW's in North Vietnam

Honor and Pride
Stories of human interest and uplifting reflections by vets of all services around the world

Individual Stories and Collection of Stories
Links to military memoirs from the US and the world

Karl Pfeil - Vietnam Veteran
A marine from Bravo Company 1/9 "The Walking Dead" returns to Vietnam

Khe Sanh Veterans Home Page
Message center, stories, photos & resources for courageous defenders of the famous seige

The MACV Team Hooch
List of MACV/MAAG teams and locations, photo center, links and MACV Webring

9th Infantry Division
Roll call, campaigns, stories, photos - repository of information on the 9th in Vietnam

'Nam Tales
Interesting, humorous and touching stories about life in Vietnam during the war

Polecat's Home Page
Intriguing accounts of training and serving with assault helicopters (192nd)

Redcatcher Association
Photos and articles highlighting the triumphs of the 199th Infantry Brigade in Vietnam

Tom Dier's Vietnam Homepage
Letters, maps, stories, documents, voices : young and old, articles, humor, poems

Vietnam Combat Art
Paintings and sketches by Jim Pollock in the U. S. Army Center of Military History

Re: Vietnam - Stories Since the War
Gathering place for personal stories, images and dialogues about Vietnam's legacy

Vietnam: From Eyes To Mind
Touching book of poems by James F. Arpey about his ongoing struggle with PTSD

Viet Nam War Museum
Memorabilia, artifacts, photographs, magazines, artwork, personal effects, souvenirs

Vietnam Marines - Delta Company, 1st Battalion-3rd Marines
Company roster, names on the Wall, photos and excellent account of return to Vietnam

Veterans' Resources

Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre
A non-profit organization dedicated to informing the general public about POW/MIAs

The Lost and Found
World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service from Vietnam Veterans Home Page

The Military Network
COMPREHENSIVE site with chat and message centers, huge catalog of links

Military Network

The Northwest Veterans Newsletter
Excellent series of articles plus events, news and feedback for vets in NW Washington state

The Veterans News and Information Service
The best and most complete list of Vet-related links on the Web!

Vietnam Veterans IRC Chat Channel
Chat on-line with other vets, alerts, poetry and a valuable list of links

Vietnam Veterans IRC Chat Channel

Vietnam Resources on the Web: Author Index
Index of world wide web resources on the Vietnam / Indochina Wars and their aftermath

Vietnam Veterans Home Page or mirror site
The main Vietnam vet site - visit to Vietnam, the Wall, organizations and support groups

Vietnam War Records
Search units, places and individuals; Medal & Badge Registry; After Action Report

Vietnam War Records
Educational Resources

Americans at War Videos
A commerical site with the "very best documentary and wartime biographies"

Canadian War Library
An organization spoofing the controversial and discredited American War Library

Investigating the Vietnam War
Spartacus Educational website to help students research the Vietnam War

Maps of South Vietnam
Detailed topological survey maps prepared by the US Defense Mapping Agency in 1972

The Pterodactyl Index
Links to authors of military books that have not been picked up by a major distibutor

Resources on the Vietnam Conflict
Educational and academic articles and studies at Texas Tech University Secrets of War

Secrets of War
26-hour documentary series on the History Channel - good resource

Socialist Republic of Vietnam Maps and Geographic Resources
Large collection of links to old and new Vietnam maps and satellite images

Spartacus Educational
Comprehensive resource - interviews, links and on-line historian

Statistics About the Vietnam War
Statistics about the conflict and its aftermath dispel a few popular myths

U.S. Military Links
Comprehensive listing of links to US agencies, armed forces, intelligence & special ops

"The Vietnam Conflict - An Academic Information Portal for Education and Research
Good collection of links by Professor John K. Swensson, a Vietnam vet

Vietnam Magazine
For years the definitive journal on the war - selected articles, photos, backissues

Vietnam War
Newsletter, links to National Archives, publications, songs, photos and more

The Vietnam War
Chronology, graphs and pictures from the CD-ROM on the history of the 1960's

Vietnam - Yesterday and Today
A history of the war and discussion of current events related to the war

Geography and Culture

Bicycling From Hanoi to Saigon
A Bicycle, a Road, a Nightmare: Wilson Hubbell's harrowing return to Vietnam

Hubert's Place
Feature loaded compilation of Vietnam resources - pictures, travel, art, music and much more!

The Information Gateway to Vietnam
A whole slew of sites related to Vietnamese news and culture

Learning Vietnamese
Read and hear spoken words and phrases - with self-test

Archive of Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.vietamese - software, docs and literature

Vietnam Insight Online
Bimonthly publication carrying voice of opposition to Hanoi regime

Welcome to Vietnam
History, culture, people, landscape, economy, tourism and links to other Vietnam sites

World Fact Book on Vietnam (1994)
Map, facts and figures on geography, people, government, economy and defense